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In addition to repairs and cleaning, make sure you allow enough time to complete a thorough analysis procedure before your current tenant moves and before your new tenant moves in. This is an important process that can save you and your tenant money and headaches on the other line. Be sure to take photos of damage and document both exemplary ways with a comprehensive checklist that you can save for future references. If your landlord is trying to change your withdrawal date after you`ve already signed the lease, explain that they`ve already signed a legal agreement allowing you to do so. Find out why he wants to change his date. If the owner has a good reason, for example.B. unfinished repairs, ask for a reflection. For example, if he delays it by two days, ask him to pay for you to stay in a hotel or pay for you, whether you stay an extra week in your old place during this time. Census Bureau says Illinois has 12,910,409 citizens, and all of those people need to find a place to live. As laborious as the housing search process is, your problems are not necessarily over when you sign your lease.

If, between the time you sign the lease and the day you move in, your landlord wants to change your withdrawal date, Illinois contract law is on your side. You should always try to create back-to-back leases so that you have as many days a paying tenant in your property as possible per year. Ideally, after a lease ends, a new contract should start the next day. Input/output times are not uncommon. Take a hotel index. In our experience, on the weekend before the official move-in date, some team members were able to collect their keys and bring things to the apartment. These days, you can try to schedule the cable company, for example to set up your internet…


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