Assume Balance Car Agreement Philippines

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You then take care of the rest of the seller`s monthly payments. These details are often opened, for example.B. “Bank X, 16k per month, stays 22 months.” If both parties agree, then the party that adopts the balance is lucky because the person whose name is found on the OR/CR is always the one who has to deal with all the headaches. The same applies to the sale of vehicles in the medium term. Any restrictions on mortgage credit must be taken into consideration and the Bank`s written agreement on the possible creation of an acceptance balance should be obtained. If you buy real estate by taking credit, take care of someone else`s mortgage payment and pay the actual sale price of the property at the same time. For example, the value of a private home is P5 million, with an outstanding mortgage balance of P2 million. Depending on your negotiations with the seller, you can get the house only for a million pesos or something like that, since you take responsibility for paying the debt of P2 million to the creditor for the coming months or years…


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