Albin Lee Meldau

Albin Lee Meldau is one of Swedens most popular artists today with fans both domestically and abroad. Albin is also highly topical with his appearance in ”Så mycket bättre”, Swedish televisions highest rated shows. The first step of this collaboration was 2020 when director of the project, Iain W Liljestam, documented Albin as he recorded music in Sweden, Denmark and The UK. Ideas of how we could work together started to form. Soon Fandango became a trusted partner for creating all sorts of moving content.

Albin Lee Meldau
På Riktigt

This feature length documentary stands as the centrepiece of the collaboration between Fandango and Albin. The theme of this film revolved around Albins troubled history with drugs and alcohol, how this affected his work, dreams and the pressures of life in the music industry.

The film is created by Iain W Liljestam together with Fandango Film, Marwood Productions and with the support from Film I Halland.

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Josefin & Merry X-mas on your own

Fandango worked together with producer Peter Henningsson and director James Velasquez on two Albin music videos. The first of which was Josefin where we supported with our professional equipment and had full charge of the entire post-production.

The second music video Merry X-Mas on your own became an even larger collaboration as Fandango stood for the cinematography alongside with the complete post-production responsibility of the video.

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Social Media spots

Apart from the above we have also put together short promotional videos and still photography to be used in Social media. We have created teaser material for upcoming shows, rehearsal clips to announce new material and so on. These projects are the first steps in an ever growing collaboration with a very talented Swedish artist.

"Superproffsiga men också sådär väldans goa.”

Albin Lee Meldau


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