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The beauty of the road

In fall 2018 the agency Redwood in London gave us the assignment of shooting a couple of short films for Volvo Cars intended for web site and social media. The beauty of the road tells the story of a drive from the spectacular Trollstigen Pass to the rough and dramatic Atlantic Ocean Road giving a taste of the unique driving experience and features of the S60.

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Volvo S60

We had worked with Volvo Cars for a long time and we knew the Redwood team well. They needed a small but efficient camera crew with multiple skills and the tools to make this work. The shot list included both wide exteriors focusing on the car in the beautiful barren landscape as well as close-ups of the luxurious and comfortable interior of the S60. Fandango assembled a team of three to operate the car-rig, camera and drone. With a fast pace and swift technical solutions we pulled the job off and also made it into one of the best work experiences ever!

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