Cuasa Agreement

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(i) In accordance with the agreement between Carleton University and the Bank of Nova Scotia, it is necessary for all applicants to open a personal account with the Carleton University branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia and authorize Carleton University to pay wage payments due from time to time into this account. (iii) The amendment to this standard is made by mutual agreement. (Workload credit information is forwarded to CUASA.) 1. full details of current and proposed performance agreements for all CUASA members, including: a. copies of all current insurance policies and financial agreements, as well as correspondence requesting contract changes (under development); B. copy of the last letter of insurance; c. changes to medical and dental plans during the last two years of the contract; d. performance books; E. Copies of plan updates or other general messages sent to members. The university and the union met for 14 hours on March 18, but were unable to reach an agreement. According to an official statement from Carleton, “legal action continues, the campus is open and regularly scheduled teaching continues as usual.” (ii) Non-performance of tasks in one or more areas where this is done by prior agreement should not be done at the expense of a worker (Article 19.1, point f), g).

(i) the direct supervisory authorities establish, for the peer review committee, a written assessment of the performance of the librarian employed over the past twelve (12) months, using the professional criteria covered by Section 40, paragraph 3, point b). The worker`s signature on the evaluation means that there has been a discussion of labour performance and that he has read the evaluation, but not that he necessarily agrees. In the event of a disagreement, the staff member must indicate this when signing the evaluation and provide a brief written rationale for the differing opinions. The absence of a declaration of non-vote is seen as an acceptance of the assessment of prudential supervision. A copy of the assessment is given to the worker. (i) working hours are flexible and equivalent to those reached so far between workers and supervisory authorities, unless this is changed by mutual agreement between the parties to this agreement. The CUASA Grievance Chair or designated person signs the form and ensures that it is forwarded to the appropriate dean/university and the manager, the (university) labour relations or the designated persons. The employer`s representative has 10 working days from the date the appeal form is received, in which a meeting can be held for review of the appeal, or a written decision can be made.


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