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Under the Romanian Civil Code, the assets concerned by a mortgage contract on a real estate asset, not only from the real estate assets itself, but also: In Belgium, it is customary for lenders to take out a mortgage for part of the secured bonds and a mortgage mandate for the rest, in order (i) to ensure priority for such a part of the debt and to make other potential creditors aware of the existence of an unpaid secured financing, but (ii) to reduce the costs associated with registering a mortgage for the total amount of the secured bonds. The agreement in this example is necessary because the amount that the primary lender would expect to receive before Scottish ministers will be increased (i.e. from $120,000 to $130,000, which would require the parties to enter into a new modified classification agreement to document the increased amount of the prime preference of the main lender). The typical form of real estate security is a mortgage bond registered against real estate or real estate that the investor buys or borrows. There is no distinction between different types of mortgages in Zimbabwe. The other usual type of guarantee is a guarantee loan. It is an agreement between at least three parties, in which the loan is based on the guarantee of a third party. This is an agreement between the borrower and the lender`s representatives, under which these representatives are empowered to subsequently insure the lender`s debt by creating a mortgage against the borrower`s assets for the amount agreed in the mandate. A business borrower may also provide a security interest in all (or some) of its current and future assets under a general security agreement. A general security agreement includes an interest in the security of circulating assets. The movement of assets is a class of assets that may vary from time to time during the borrower`s activity and be divested without the lender`s consent. Mortgages on land and/or buildings are effective for registering the mortgage; other mortgages are effective when mortgage contracts come into effect, but subject to perfection through registration.


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