Research Partnership Agreements

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All agreements should have a specific date on which cooperation will end. Termination clauses may be added to determine when and under what conditions each party may terminate the contract before the end date. The end date may be extended by the amendment process if both parties agree. This is a common practice in the context of successful cooperation. The last part of the section devoted to general provisions is the amendment process. Strong partnerships are developing and transforming; It is therefore necessary to amend the agreements. In fact, many of the best research cooperation needs to be constantly modified. It is not uncommon for research cooperation to be changed as often as every six months or every year. Because researchers often identify dynamic new opportunities that partners want to explore together. Thus, a well-written agreement can be modified so that the declaration of objectives, the specifications and the budget meet the new needs. Another point to consider is the quantification of the work to be done. It may not be necessary to use precise numbers (for example.B.

the types and replications of an experiment or the number of specimens you will use), but to add general instructions on the size and scope of collaborative research. For example, if you are doing a power study and you are using 30 mice per replication, indicate this in the agreement. In this way, both parties will be aware of the magnitude of the types of data to be generated and the level of resources needed for their share of work. Researchers often think they understand what the other has in mind, but without a written description, such assumptions often give rise to misunderstandings. For example, if a researcher at the institute says he or she will “test a new variety in the fields,” he or she may have in mind an area of half a hectare needed to produce enough plants for publication, while the company scientist has 100 hectares in mind. So be as clear as possible about the sizes or number of replications and other quantifiable aspects in the specifications. Should indirect costs be applied to all funded research? Yes, under the supervision of the Principal Investigator (PI), students can carry out research assignments as part of the project. If necessary, project participants should read the agreement and sign an agreement on confidential information and intellectual property (CIIP). This will allow all participants to know the conditions and obligations of the university within the framework of the SA.


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