Ripe Transfer Agreement Template

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An organization that serves as a source for a 8.2 IPv4 transmission does not request the IPv4 address room in accordance with Section 4.1.8 ARIN Waitlist for a period of 36 months after that transfer, unless the recipient organization remains a subsidiary, parent company or joint ownership with the source organization. The NCC RIPE provides the presentation of the delegation contract that each party can submit to the NCC RIPE. The member must send an e-mail to ncc `at` ripe `dot` net informing the RIPE NCC of the name change. This email should be included: If your organization is participating in a 8.3 transfer, please vote your request with the other party before ARIN authorization. ARIN cannot provide information on ticket requests from other organizations. Please note that, regardless of prior authorization, the source organization and the receiving organization must submit an 8.3 transmission request. Any organization that is on the waiting list and sends a request as a transfer source under a Section 8 provision is removed from the waiting list. If the Internet number resources are transferred to a non-member, the receiving party must apply to be a member by signing a standard RIPE NCC service agreement before the transfer (more information about the member is available). If the receiving party refuses to do so, the RIPE NCC does not transfer the resources of the Internet number.

RIPE Policy: Internet numbering resource policy developed, adopted and published by THE NCC RIPE in accordance with the policy process described in the Policy Development Process in RIPE, available on www.ripe.net. ARIN does not make recommendations for brokerage services, STLS or any other means. Transfer parties have the option to use the STLS to facilitate a receiver transfer specified in section 8.3 of the NRPM section; But they don`t have to. ARIN provides STLS for the benefit of the Internet community in response to the demand for transfer services. Parties are free to use STLS to facilitate their transfers or to work outside the STLS and to file a transfer request independently of the STLS. ARIN`s transmission guidelines apply regardless of whether or not a company uses the STLS and, in both cases, the transfer requirement must be in accordance with the ARIN Directive to be dealt with. The delegation contract must be signed by persons authorized for both parties. For the ceding party, it is necessary that the delegation contract be signed by an agent with the general capacity to act on behalf of that party.


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