Spa Medical Director Agreement

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But we don`t jump between the blades of grass! Compliance is serious business. We have tools, tips and – no tricks, but legal strategies to help medical spa owners tap more value into their business. I, the undersigned physician, am of the opinion that I establish the criteria for serving as medical director of the EMS Agency and I agree to perform the duties of medical director of the EMS Agency for the following EMS agency. The justification for this requirement is simple: the medical director must have experience in the proposed aesthetic medical procedures to properly delegate and monitor these procedures and treatments. In Illinois, for example, “any task or obligation of patient care delegated by the physician to a licensed or unlicensed person must be within the scope of the practice, training, training, or experience of the physician delegate… [225 ILCS 60/54.2]. In other words, since a pedicator cannot operate on the heart, a doctor cannot inject botox and fillers without experience and training in this area. As I tell my clients, there are two principles that every potential medical director should adhere to: ownership and specialization. As medical spas become more and more popular throughout the country, more and more doctors want to participate in this lucrative and seemingly effortless business project. As a lawyer specializing in legal and regulatory matters related to medical spas, I often receive calls from obstetricians and family physicians interested in becoming a “medical director” in a medical spa. As they see it, being a medical director in a medical spa is a simple way to improve their income without the demands or long hours required by a hospital or private practice. The second pitfall faced by physicians when medical directors are involved in monitoring and deleging medical tasks outside of their specialty. In most countries, the medical director of the Med Spa must specialize in aesthetic medicine or, at the very least, have experience and training in aesthetic medicine. In other words, the doctor who supervises the medical spa must actually practice aesthetic medicine.

Often, GPs, gynaecologists and emergency physicians quickly register as “medical directors” of medical spas, although they have no training or experience in injections, laser treatments or other aesthetic processes. Even dermatologists and plastic surgeons must have experience in this type of medical treatment to serve as medical director. I am Michael H. Cohen, a lawyer with cohen Healthcare Law. We have consulted many medical spas on issues of compliance with health legislation. Therefore, before signing the polka dot line of medical direction, physicians should be careful to read the laws that apply to them and consult a lawyer experienced in medical medicine to ensure that they do not risk their medical license or career. At the end of today`s video, you`ll have an idea of whether it`s a good or bad idea to have a “medical director” in your medical spa or to be a doctor who is the medical director for a medspa. This checklist does NOT cover all clauses that must be included in an agreement. Depending on the following factors and the circumstances of each agreement, revisions or additional language may be required. In reality, what you are doing is what you are supposed to do and what is allowed by law, which is to practice medicine. If you practice medicine, you have a number of support staff, your medical staff, and these are the people you naturally lead.

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