Sunshine Lease Agreement

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Currently, Sunshine`s lease states that Parks Canada will purchase the ski cabin infrastructure if the company`s lease is not renewed, Scurfield said. Subject to the significant environmental gains generated by the leasing reductions described in point 3.3.1, the following development proposals may be submitted for consideration, as set out in points 3.4 and 4.4 of these Directives. We would like to point out that your lease will be terminated with immediate effect. You have 7 days from the notification of this letter to leave the premises. This action is carried out for the following reason (citing non-compliance). Most of the areas adjacent to the ski area lease are regulated by law as wilderness by Parks Canada and, therefore, no activities or developments that could directly or indirectly affect their wilderness can be permitted at these sites. You will be informed (citing non-compliance). This provision requires that you remedy the non-compliance within 7 days of receipt of this notice or that your rental agreement be considered terminated and that you must leave the premises after such termination. If the same or similar behavior is repeated within 12 months, your rental may be terminated without further warning and without being given the opportunity to cure the non-compliance. The land above the upper terminal of the De Ziegenaugen Express Railway (19 ha) will be removed from the lease and redistributed to the operator of the ski area as part of the occupancy licence for the construction of avalanches.

See point 3.4.3 below. Please make sure you are at the time of your appointment, as the time allotted to you for your introduction to the tenant has been specially divided among our other appointments, which are usually “back to back”. If your contact information changes during your rental, make sure you have updated your documents in our office. Since we need to explain all your rental data well, please indicate at least 45 minutes for your introduction to the tenant. In order to support the vision and objectives of Section 3, the rent will be reduced by approximately 61 hectares (9%) out of the current 917 hectares (note: references to the area are approximate) if the following areas are removed: the total area of the operating license for this area will be 223 hectares, including the reduction of the Eagle Crest rent by 19 ha. Most of the terrain consists of steep, wind-whipped, exposed cliffs and bottom rocks that extend to the height of the country, with only a limited part (about 60 hectares) that can be used for off-piste skiing (off-resort) if snow and avalanche conditions allow. Avalanche control in this area is indispensable, as it affects the safety of skiers and the underlying assets in the rental agreement. . .



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