Tent House Agreement

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Customer agrees that in the event of a predicted or actual storm or excessive winds, the Vermont Tent Company may disassemble all installed devices to ensure the safety of all parties involved. WEATHER: Tents are temporary structures designed for most normal weather conditions. However, there may be situations that become uncertain, such as strong winds or lightning. Evacuation of tents is recommended in these or other uncertain conditions. The tenant is responsible for establishing and maintaining an OSHA-compliant evacuation plan in or near a public place located in or near the tent. Mr. G Tent Rental is not responsible for damage to rental property or rental property in the event of an emergency. Site Preparation: Please make sure your site is ready (z.B. Mowed lawn, vehicles out of the way, etc.) before the crew arrives. The customer must be available to count all items upon delivery and pickup; Otherwise, Mr G Tent`s rents are considered to be correct. When a tent is ordered, the tent and the liners for the tent are properly installed and secured in an area provided for this purpose by the delivery staff. All additional objects are placed under the marquee installed by the tenant, unless otherwise requested.

The cost of furnishing the table and chair is $0.25 per chair and $1.00 per table. There is no guarantee that the rented goods will be free of defects. The tenant assumes full responsibility for the proper installation of tables and chairs to ensure adequate leg locking for total stability. It is the tenant`s responsibility to communicate to Mr.


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