The Four Agreements Tattoo

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The irony is that wrist tattoos are often chosen because the individual wants “just something small” – he doesn`t want anything too showy. So these people (I know a few) are going to go out and get something important for them on the wrist. More than not, this could be a person`s only tattoo. Anyone who knows me well would sometimes tell me that I am committing “PAIB” when I do one of those four most important things that I am not supposed to do. As I said, I fail because of these, often epic, which makes things even worse when instructions not to be dingbat are literally tattooed on my wrist. To ensure this kind of work environment, it was always a good barometer for me when I was interviewing a company to measure their reaction to tattoos. If they seem frightened by what they see, I can generally conclude that there will be other cultural conflicts along the way. Yes, interviewees can also judge interviewers. The room has two sides. | Symbolism| The book of the four chords was written in 1997 by Don Miguel Ruiz.

It focuses on ancient teachings as a means of attaining spiritual enlightenment. The book advocates the personal freedom of convictions and agreements we have made with ourselves and with others, which create use and unhappiness in our lives. Not to say that I do not try to hide them in most professional situations. Especially when I don`t know the audience. In general, I can cover everything easily, but there is above all a tattoo that is extremely difficult to hide. Oh, the apparently harmless wrist tattoo! It`s always going to slip from the long-sleeved shirt. He`s going to sneak out of the blazer. It doesn`t matter.

She wants to be seen. This design features a vertical mandala that offers sacred geometry and a showy eye. 4 gemstones represent the 4 chords. I got the tattoo very soon after reading the book. I have two cross arrows to represent different paths, and in each quadrant I have a letter, each to represent one of the four concepts. After reading the book for the first time, I decided to have a memory tattooed on my body. I fail almost every day because of these four simple things. At this point I have enough tattoos where not everything has a magic story. But wrist tattoos… They almost always have a story. A big thank you to my fab client Elisa @elisarosemountain for creating a wonderful tattoo The meaning of it all is…

Be prepared to share your story if you tattoo yourself. You spend a lot of time with your colleagues, and you will end up eating unpleasant customers inevitable. In the end, when people look for straws to talk about, the tattoo will be spotted and will be a viable icebreaker.


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