Ubs Margin Agreement

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According to its legal team, it is contrary to UBS Group`s policy to make margin calls with clients like Guo if the prices related to a loan are postponed to the short term. Guo says he didn`t know the bank had included Margin Call deals in its contracts. If the collateral falls below a certain amount, the brokerage firm may increase its own position. This is usually called Margin Call. Margin buying is a high risk and is usually only suitable for those who are affluent and experienced investors. UBS had internal guidelines not to make margin calls to “highly valued clients” like Guo if prices attached to the loan moved in the short term, a lawyer for the businessman said in the filing. In another high-level financing transaction, to which Chinese insurer Ping An Insurance Group Co. UBS also agreed not to make Margin Calls, the lawyer said. Eventually, when Haitong`s shares fell, the bank launched a Margin Appeal, and Guo was ordered to transfer at least $200 million to the account in 24 hours, which he was unable to do. He claims that after the stock was eliminated, ubs handed over the losses to him. The bank returned only $4.7 million of the $500 million he had invested. This is not the first time Guo has filed such a lawsuit after failing to belong to the complaint in New York. He said he initially did not know that UBS had included Margin Call agreements in the contracts.

Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman with close ties to Steve Bannon, has stepped up his fight to claim $500 million from UBS Group, which he lost after the bank took out a margin loan. An investor who buys on Margin has usually bought securities both with his own money and with his funding. Guo first tried to sue the New York financial company. However, the action was dismissed on the back of the fact that it lacked factual jurisdiction. He filed this request in London. In this case, the investor has to pay more money into the account. If this is not done within a specified period of time, the entity may begin liquidating the investor`s securities in order to increase the value of the account. Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman exiled in New York, filed a lawsuit against UBS Financial Group after losing $500 million. UBS said in a statement that it “does not agree with the claim and will vigorously defend itself.” We have followed UBS Financial Group several times on its behalf, the latest being that of its UBS Investment Strategy (Yield Enhancement Strategy) and Puerto Rico bond funds and closed-end pension funds that were marketing their brokers to clients when they knew those investments had failed. . . .


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