Unsolicited Agreements

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Sellers who contact you without being asked to offer an “unsolicited consumer contract” have obligations as to how and when they can contact you, the information they must give you and the “rights of reflection” you have. Harold completes an entry form for a vendor sponsored contest, and one of the conditions of entry is that the entrant agrees to be contacted by the vendor for new product information. In this case, Harold did not indicate his information as an invitation to the supplier to enter into negotiations. If the provider contacts Harold for this purpose, this may be considered an unsolicited approach. There is also a rebuttable presumption (unless proven otherwise) that an agreement or proposed contract is an unsolicited consumer contract (see 70 ACL). A supplier cannot enforce a contract if the supplier`s representative (seller) has violated the Law on Unsolicited Consumer Agreements. This factsheet deals with unsolicited consumer agreements. Ultimately, the most exciting part of the business is for the telemarketer when a customer ends up signing papers for products or services. However, for a concluded agreement, the telemarketer is required to follow all policies relating to unsolicited sales contracts and cancellation of the agreement without stopping. The ACL also sets out the advertising obligations in the event of an unsolicited agreement. .


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