Voluntary Permanent Custody Surrender Agreement Florida

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In the state of Florida, there is a strong legal preference for both parents of a child to play a role in the child`s life. Since one of the most important relationships that exists is that of a parent and a child, and while the courts generally recognize a parent`s right to raise their child as they see fit, Florida nevertheless places the best interests of the child above everything else. This goal of ensuring the best interests of the child means that there will be times when it will be preferable for a parent to obtain sole custody and, in more extreme cases, a Florida court may consider it necessary to deprive a parent of his or her parental rights. This is a drastic step and the courts are reluctant to take such a step, however it can and will happen. A valid adoption may be established in the State of residence of the child, in the State where the adoptive parents are domiciled when the child is tried, or in a State where the adoptive parents and either the adopted child or the person who has custody of the child fall within his or her personal jurisdiction. . . .


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