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Albin Lee Meldau is one of Swedens most popular artists today with fans both domestically and abroad. Albin is also highly topical with his appearance in ”Så mycket bättre”, one of Swedish televisions highest rated shows.

The first step of this collaboration was 2020 when director Iain W Liljestam filmed with Albin for a joint documentary project. The filming followed as Albin recorded music in Sweden, Denmark and The UK. From these shoots, Ideas of how we could work together started to form. Soon Fandango became a trusted partner for creating all sorts of moving content.

Fandango has now worked together with Albin Lee Meldau and his team on several music videos for songs such as ”When you’re here” and ”Farväl”. We have been responsible for the entire production of these videos all the way from concept and idea to the social media hype surrounding their release.

Alongside this we have also created other promotional material to be used on Albins social media channels. We have created teaser material for upcoming shows, rehearsal clips to announce new material and so on. These projects are the first steps in an ever growing collaboration with a very talented Swedish artist.


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