A different perspective. 

We have drone pilots certified for commercial use by FAA (USA), UK and of course EU. If you are in need of operators, look no further! From the Mavic to the Inspire, we have it all. 


Car to Car

For quite some years Fandango Film has been providing footage for many different car and truck brands. Porsche, Volvo, Polestar, Mazda and Volvo Trucks to mention some.

We have our own Black Arm and Ronin setup or we operate rented big rigs like Scorpio or U-crane if needed.



– Steadicam is really nifty when it comes to crate dynamic fluid shot. To go from steady to a handheld, dolly or stick shot takes less than 5 min. This means that the director don’t have to compromise when choosing the right tool for the scene. 

Our DOP, Hans Johansson, has been perfecting his art for over twenty years, combining both the role of DOP and Steadicam operator on set for an effective use of resources. 

We use Tiffen M2 Volt for the fancy stuff and a custom built Tiffen based “running rig” for speedy, rough shots.


Production Services

Having a local production support is always a good idea. We relieve you from some of the time and energy consuming tasks like recce, finding a good crew, getting permits, renting gear and so forth. We have already shot on thousands of locations in and around Sweden so we know the best places to get what your production needs.


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