Welcome to Fandango Film.

We’re dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. Our team creates content tailored to your vision to engage and inspire.


Our in-house production team creates the concept for the stories you want to tell.

From idea to script to storyboard, we work with you to develop the content you need.


Pre-Production. From locations to schedules to licensing, our producers make sure that everything runs smoothly on production days.

Production. Fandango Film has all the equipment necessary to bring your vision to life. Our crew will make sure to capture everything we need to create the content you've envisioned.

Post-production. This is where it all comes together. Our editors produce content tailored to your distribution goals.


We know that distributing content is just as important as producing it. 

We help you with translation, transcription and sizing. Our marketing experts distributes these assets and launch your content to the right platforms at the right time. 

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