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Our Work

The fundraising foundation for Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital works to create joy for the children and families who struggle in their everyday lives at Sweden’s largest children’s hospital. When children and young people are affected by illness environments, experiences and activities are needed that encourage play and laughter. An existence that gives comfort and hope. Therefore, the foundation collects funds for efforts that supplement the hospital’s regular care. Something that is needed all year round, every day, but which cannot be financed with public funds.

Our job was to create a film that could embody this spirit. The foundation needed material that could work as a mood film on their homepage but also be broken down into smaller parts with specific messaging, for instance to highlight upcoming events and galas. The purpose of the film was to invoke an emotional response from the viewers while simultaneously providing information about what the foundation does.

What we did

We where contacted by the clients agency, House of Vision, who needed a partner to help realise this project. As we got onboard the first priority was to set the story for the main film. From this we would later break the script down to smaller parts in order to identify the specific assets that we could produce alongside the main film. We were involved in the early concept phase where we worked closely with the the foundation for Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital to get the right feel for the story. 

We wanted to put the children in focus and settled on using the copy “Glädje Läker” (Happiness cures) as the central messaging for the movie. With or without words we wanted the film to portray that phrase as this was what we identified as the core value of the foundation. With this in mind we carefully put together a story that flowed from that concept. Ultimately we pre-produced, produced and post produced a film that we could be proud of not only for the result but for the actual cause. We are proud to have been a part of this humbling project.


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