Exploring California in a Porsche Cayenne

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What we did

In a thrilling collaboration with Porsche and the innovative agency LOOP, Fandango embarked on an epic cinematic journey that unfolded against the breathtaking backdrop of Los Angeles and the stunning landscapes of California. 

Our mission? To follow the adventurous couple, Dan and Dimi, on a road trip that would etch itself into their memories. 

Behind the wheel of their treasured classic Porsche Cayenne, now equipped with the cutting-edge PCCM control unit, their two-decade-old vehicle experienced a remarkable transformation into a modern marvel. Alongside the Porsche tent, their loyal companion for the journey, they embarked on an off-roading adventure that seamlessly blended luxury with the thrill of exploration. This time, Fandango took the reins, handling both filming and post-production, to vividly capture and bring to life this incredible expedition.


1,2 mn








“What I admire about the Fandango Crew is the balance between professionalism and ease. They always strive for the best result and never settle for less. Incredibly great that patience or mood never suffers. Quite the opposite. Every shoot is a wonderful time together and every time they deliver an outstanding result.”

// Maike Schelling | Specialist Marketing Communication | Porsche

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