Gothenburg International Film Festival 2022

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The Mission

Gothenburg International Film Festival is the biggest film festival in the Nordic countries and attract more than 160 000 visitors every year. For 10 days at the end of January, upwards of 200 films from around 80 countries are shown.

The festival is not just film. Seminars, concerts, art, workshops and a lot of other activities are also on the agenda. In 2021 the Digital movie theater had over 425 000 views.

The film festival needed the following:

Several short films that could embody the experience of going to the cinema – whether the audience did it in the theater or at home in the living room.

One film that could start the festival on site in the theaters and online. The so-called Open Ceremony film is a standing feature every year.

Several vignette films that represented each cinema.

Filmed features for Studio Draken – a live broadcast that ran throughout the festival. All this neatly packaged and in harmony with all other communications from the festival

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Our Work

To do these films we took the ”classic” approach where we, in the pre production, identified what assets we needed to deliver and what we needed to include in every part. We then made a solid plan to execute the creation of the necessary content for both the Open Ceremony film and the individual vignette films for each cinema.

The Film Festival started writing the script for the Open Ceremony film and the Fandango crew went out filming in the evenings using crane, steadicam and drones. We catched the individual cinemas characteristics and geography in every shot. For the Open Ceremony film we also filmed the entire presentation by the hosts at Stora Teatern in beforehand. Together with the Festival we came up with an idea how to do the Open Ceremony as grand as possible.

To do the covering of the busy festival week we had to take more of an editorial approach in order to rapidly deliver assets without loss of quality. We set up a ”base” at our office in mid town Gothenburg from where we ventured out to do interviews and storys for the live transmission Studio Draken. In the center of the room we had a white board with the schedule for the planned recordings of the assets we needed to deliver. We worked in small teams with a 24-7 coverage by both film crews and editing crews. Every day we updated the festival with fresh assets for the live studio.


”Fandango Film helped us build the frame story of Gothenburg International Film Festival for the online audience. The audience got the chance to fly over Gothenburg to cinemas like Aftonstjärnan, Draken and Biopalatset without leaving the couch. Even this year Fandango Film managed to exceed our expectations. They deliver with both heart & mind and they are always in it to provide the best result possible”

// Emma Rygielski | Head of event management | Gothenburg Film Festival

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